The fader.js script generates a nice 'fade-in/fade-out' effect without the need to resort to more 'heavyweight' technologies like Java. The script has been tested and proven functional on all modern DOM-compliant browsers (ie: MSIE, Mozilla, Konqueror, Opera, etc).

Download the source for fader.js by clicking on the link when it comes up.

Source used to generate the above fader:
<!-- Remember to put your DIV tag in BEFORE you load fader.js -->
<!-- ... or some browsers will complain!                      -->

<SCRIPT SRC=fader.js></SCRIPT>
mess[0] = "<FONT SIZE=+2>This is a test of the fader.js javascript.</FONT>";
link[0] = "";
time[0] = 3000;
fade[0] = 400;

mess[1] = "<FONT SIZE=+2>Click Here to see the source for fader.js...</FONT>";
link[1] = "fader.js";
time[1] = 3000;
fade[1] = 400;


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